This new article will talk about ME.

I am not a megalomaniac haha, it’s just that in a certain way I am issue of a cross cultural phenomenon and I wanted to share it with you.

My paternal part of my family is French from Bourgogne, so I am French, but I also have Italian blood flowing inside of my veins, because my maternal grandfather is Italian. My Grandfather immigrated when he was a kid with his sister, and their parents. He comes from the north of Italy, from Udinese. He is issued from the immigration and is a member of the Italian diaspora, which is a wave of Italian that immigrated during the 20’s and 30’s. Thus, my mother maiden name was Misdariis, I know it doesn’t sound Italian but it is for sure.

So, I am a French boy with Italian origins. And those origins are still present in my life and impact it. In fact, I’ve learned Italian from my grandfather but also at school to make me feel close to my Italians origins. With my sister, we also used to talk with our hands which is quite representative of Italians way of talking. Moreover, the only food that I do by my own and that I don’t burn, is Italian food. I know how to cook gnocchi, polenta or minestrone for example. Besides for Easter which was last Monday, we ate polenta, which is a tradition in my grandfather family.

Never the less I feel more French of course because I am born here, and I leave here since my birth. I consider France as my country, and that’s why I agree and recognize myself in the French motto: Liberty, equality, fraternity. I believe in this belief which are those from my culture. Proud of being French, as a rooster one of our symbols with our bleu white and red flag for example. Most of French people consider Napoleon, Le Général De Gaule or Jeanne D’arc as our heroes, but I haven’t known them… So, I am still waiting for a French hero in which I will believe.

But I am also Bourguignon and proud of being one! When I come back home in Bourgogne to see my family, we always eat traditional meals as boeuf bourguignon, or snails cooked by my grandmother. My Grandfather used to hunt also, and my all family appreciate and know about wine as symbol of this Bourguignon culture. I feel very close to Bourgogne too even if I’ve never lived over there…

So now you know more about me, my origins and my culture: I am a French boy, and more precisely from Bourgogne, with Italian origins, proud of living here in France a wonderful country of cultural diversity.


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