This third article is about one of my passion: Football.

Football is an awesome sport that reunited some much people all around the world, with an awesome atmosphere of passion and support in so many stadiums in Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Turkey, Greece, Italy… Football is also about hopes for so many poor countries, and can be seen as the opium of people, a passion in which you believe and that you share. Football is also a huge tool of reunification: a social tool to gather every social class, and every culture. And football reach its peak of social reunification during international events as EURO (European football competition) or Football World Cup. During those international competitions people come from all around the world to celebrate, share, support and live their passion.

France hosted the last EURO during last summer and it was amazing the atmosphere that it created. I went to Parisian bars with friends to watch matches and we met so many fans from other Europeans countries, and it was amazing to see we all laugh, support, and enjoy this special atmosphere. This was the perfect occasion to exchange with other culture, other vision of football. I remember that we met English fans in a bar, and we started defending our national teams, and a huge debate started, with Spanish fans also and other French people supporting Portugal. English were 100% behind their team it was really fun, and they really live the experience. But the two most famous fans during the EURO were for sure Icelandic and Irish. The Islandic have the famous Viking clap which is a huge communion between the national team and the fans, it’s very impressive, it’s amazing! And there is a very famous song, Will Griggs On fire, which is an Irish fans song. The atmosphere is also very amazing. I let you a link to video that show you the two.


I also had the chance to go to the opening ceremony and the opening match of the French team. The atmosphere was amazing, all behind the French team, it was amazing to see the French population communing all together. People came from everywhere of France, from different social class or with different origins, but we all sang The Marseillaise together it was awesome. Still one of my best memory ever.

So thank you football for reuniting us behind a common passion, however our culture or where we come from.


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